A regular demonstrations of 3D printing and VR for interested citizens are hold at the American Corner Rijeka in Rijeka City Library Trsat branch.

Demonstrations of 3D printing are performed on 3D printers Witbox, and VR with the headset HTC Vive. The demonstrations provide an insight into the basic possibilities of these technologies, explain the way they function and the perspective they have in different spheres of human creativity. Due to the characteristics of the technology, VR presentations are not for children under 13 years of age.

If you have any questions about our work and projects you can contact us at e-mail marketing@gkri.hr.

Those interested will learn why these are so popular media topics, what are the current creative possibilities and which areas of human life will be greatly changed with the further development of these technologies.

The arrival of larger groups (school classes, etc.) should be announced by e-mail american.corner@gkri.hr.