Selection of our projects...

The Library is continuously involved in undertaking projects, organizing activities and campaigns.Whether it entails looking for the oldest children's picture book in the city or participating in EU projects, everything we do makes up the foundation for our existence as a public institution and results in continuously good outcome.

Some of the projects listed here are completed while others are in full swing.

Teens for teens

The project began in 1998 by teamwork preparations with a group of younger teenagers in children’s department Stribor and continued with the wave of workshops for teenagers in 2001. The program con... / Više

Tiny Libraries

Pilot-project Tiny Libraries is a continuance of the long-lasting and successful cooperation between two institutions – Rijeka City Kindergarten and Rijeka City Library.A Tiny Library is a collecti... / Više

Stribor's Forest

It is a joint project of the Mountaineering Club “Kamenjak” and the Library under which two activities a year take place – they involve storytelling in natural surroundings and mountaineering hike... / Više

Library at your Doorstep

This is one of our more recent services that entails home delivery of books to senior and disabled citizens with home address within the city of Rijeka, who, due to their limited or non-existent mo... / Više

Bedtime Storyteller

In cooperation with Portić association, we are supporting storytelling for children with malignant diseases. Our goal is to help with minimizing negative consequences of hospitalization. The activi... / Više